K Dot & Palize – As Per (Remix) ft Bassline Allstars, Trilla, AK, Tez Kidd, Bomma B, Asher & SG

By |2020-02-25T20:20:37+00:00February 25th, 2020|Videos, Media|

Once again K Dot and the Bassline Allstars are bringing nothing but vibes with the Remix "As Per" with all the mandem on this time. And like he says in the chorus - good times with good mates, as per usual.

4×4 Bassline Team Takeover 1Xtra – Birmingham 2 Sheffield

By |2020-02-25T20:15:15+00:00February 25th, 2020|Videos, Media|

Big up DJ Sub Zero and Pantha for this set, MC's: Asher, K Dot, SG, Bomma B, Trilla, Tez Kidd for absolutely shelling down this set. Was a trip down memory lane with pure vibes, bars and skanks when bassline raves was the place to be when you were going there to skank and buss your best skank in the dance.

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