There’s two sides to every story. New tune with Snowy featuring Jason Williamson – EFFED – shows you Nottingham before the gentrification app came along. This video sits close to my heart as it shows the true picture of living on Nottingham’s estates showing the local cob shop menus, takeaways, pigeons in the town square, Raddy flats, Arnold high street, St Anns / Sneinton Market, all the local delights you’re likely to come across while in Nottingham. Now back to the video and the music.

Snowys put together an amazing piece of work, the videographer has fully captured the heart of Nottingham and shown that there are areas missed in Nottingham when it comes to funding and in local communities. I think Snowy speaks on my behalf on this video about voting, the state of politics and how much no one gives a fuck about the working class and breadline Britain. Having such legends Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn feature and compose the track tells you this is something special and at this current time the youth of Britain maybe need to be listened to as it’s their future that we are Brixiting.