This is the first release from the EP – Cocktails & Riddims (EP release date tbc) – from a new up and coming London-based Grime producer, called Becky on the Beat aka my g, Queen Beckz.

Buzzing to see Beckz enter the game of Grime as I know she has supported and backed the scene from when it started so now adding something else to the scene along with all the money you paid in the raves and for tickets it’s nice for you to get a piece of the grime pie by starting to live the producer life. What to me is hard as fuck, I tried to produce a beat some years ago and it was fucking terrible! Producing beats was not for me, in my head I’m the sickest but when it came to coming in front of a computer and in a studio it became a giant fail in my life.

But swinging it back to Beckz’ new release, each time I played it reminded me of a final boss level on Zelda, or some form of Mega Drive or Master System game – not Sonic because in this beat it sounds quite dark and greezy – which is a good thing because the memories I have are a bit early grimeish, but at the same time I can hear a certain type of MC – President T or Unknown T, don’t ask me why I’m using all the T’s but that kind of deep voice and flow matches this beat 100% if you ask me.

For a new producer Becky on the Beat has managed to absolute smash the shit out of her producer tag because that is sick – I would like to know if the vocalist is credited and what her % is for each track. I believe it’s her young daughter, aged under 5, if she needs a legal representative to claim her share I’ll help, sorry Beckz I’m on the little ones side, nah I’m only playing but your producer tag is really sick!

Looking forward to hearing more from Becky on the Beat, Henny & Balaclavas releasing 28th February 2020.