K Dot & Palize Remix featuring Bassline Allstars, Trilla, AK, Tez Kidd, Bomma, Asher & SG

Once again K Dot and the Bassline Allstars are bringing nothing but vibes with the Remix “As Per” with all the mandem on this time. And like he says in the chorus – good times with good mates, as per usual. But not as per usual, now we’ve got visuals to bassline tracks, which is long overdue so it’s good to put the faces to the names and more of a representation of who and what bassline is, if you know what I mean. If you don’t, then this won’t sound good.

With Spring on the way, this is just what we need. 2 2 bassline vibes with a bright visual; not your typical in the rave, dark, green flashing lights, bottles of henny, instead we’ve got the mandem out and about on street out in the country, castle, chillin at the pub – seen K Dot & AK with a pint, salute, looked like a good day, sun was shining everyone had shorts on, the sun was beaming, I hope they was Stella’s lads, that’s all I drink, if it’s a drum and bass rave its a Red Stripe but if I’m wearing trousers its a Hemingway Daiquiri, only joking…

But back to business, fingers crossed we get another at least 3 more bassline tracks with videos to take us through summer cah this is one for spring, we deffo need another 2 for summer, minimum, so this is my request lads.

Once again big up K Dot, Palize, Bassline Allstars, Trilla, AK, Tez Kidd, Bomma B, Asher & SG and Northside Media TV on the visuals.