Mr. Cheese

I’ll keep this short and sweet, please don’t judge a book by its cover to this weird person wearing a mask and colourful clothing. Try and look past the balaclava to find out what this brand stands for and what this person is all about.

This is my creative take on the world that surrounds me from news to social injustices, personal trife… basically this is my world put into fabric and clothing.

VITAL Information

Story Of Blue Cheese Page 1

Back in the Spring of 2009…

Mr Cheese escaped from a leading toy manufacturers production line.

He felt hard done by and wasn’t ready for a life of playing games as a toy…

Story Of Blue Cheese Page 2

The great escape was epic… leaving him short of one arm.

This left Mr Cheese extremely bitter and decided to take revenge on the general public.

After months of staying lowkey, Mr Cheese surfaced in 2010 to ask the question “ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME?” while brandishing a knuckleduster, where he got from who knows….

Story Of Blue Cheese Page 3

Mr Cheese spent time travelling the globe and has seen sites as far as Japan, America, India, Germany, Spain, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago.

Wow, Mr Cheese has been about… what a traveller!

But his travels hadn’t finished yet, he then set his sights on freeing his brother ‘Don’t Cheese Me Off’…

The mission was possible and the brothers were reunited now as a team ready to take over the world!

Now back in the UK, his hometown Nottingham, you find him reclining in his favourite snack – a doughnut – while shouting abuse at the public.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Mr Cheese…