First of all, big up DJ Target for finally getting some of the Bassline crew to come and do a takeover because this is a madness!

Big up DJ Sub Zero and Pantha for this set, MC’s: Asher, K Dot, SG, Bomma B, Trilla, Tez Kidd for absolutely shelling down this set. Was a trip down memory lane with pure vibes, bars and skanks when bassline raves was the place to be when you were going there to skank and buss your best skank in the dance. It’s just like garage days but just speeded up, them times everyone was drunk wearing some tight Hugo Boss or Versace, the majorty were dizzling but the vibes were sweet and this set is a true representative of what it was like in the raves before it started to get a bit prickly and sticky. These man rocked the stages & mics, all the tunes you heard were these man along with others which aren’t on the set, not discrediting any bassline MC’s before anyone take offence because I’m not here to do that, I’m here to spread vibes and this set is a whole vibe.

This is some of basslines finest at its best, taking a handful of MC’s from the Midlands – Bomma B, Trilla & SG, adding some MC’s from the North – Tez Kidd, Asha & K Dot, makes a winning combination of non-stop vibes. Strongly recommend if you are new to bassline or want to know anymore, search the names in this set and check out my old school bassline blog coming soon.