The return of Webster.

This has been a breath of fresh air to see and hear. Man like Webbie back on the scene. I’ve seen non stop new showerdowns, Whos Da Boss’s name is ringing again, feels like I’m back in 2012 but even better than 2012 Webster Tantskii and Shuggz have just dropped some banging visuals Bad Boys For Life!

What I mean by this is I haven’t seen a song fit with a film so much that it should be on the soundtrack and he has brought back a element in music, I think which hasn’t been done for a while ie growing up to a lot of American hood films, they all came with soundtracks back in the day and this track along with the visuals is taking me back to the place and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Webster and the crew have jumped back into action like he never left and it’s bringing more MC’s artists and people to the forefront who we may not have seen and heard from in a while but Webster has that effect on people where it don’t matter how hench he is he’s always smiling and serious and ready to work. Tantskii is way more than just a clash MC he can rap, always brings energy and hype. What he showcases in this rap video and Shuggz bodies the hook and chorus would love to see more of this from Shuggz.

Also looking forward to the return of Who’s Da Boss as because I think right about now that is more than needed because to me Whos Da Boss is up there alongside Lord Of The Mics as a reputable Grime battling platform.