Big Narstie hits us with a new track called ‘Grime Who?’ which is against all rules as it has no chorus, no hook, just straight fire bars from start to finish. This is spitting at its rawest. Stripped back to the ends where you will catch him on his off days chilling with Utred and a select few mandem. Narstie unleashed a fireball of road bars on this tune. If you do not understand current slang, lingo or terms, this is not for you, this is for the roads! Giving us a lesson in pure shellington, for some reason this reminds me of Ong Bak cah he’s just punching and kicking 9400 bars but to me he is fully shelling.

Let me be your translator and translate this tune for you. If you do not understand then you will never understand – translate that! A tune that has no chorus or hook is straight greeze and fire bars, I believe Narstie was just showcasing that if we have to take it to this greeze level he can still give man pure greeze on grime. Grime Who?