Sox’s Showerdown Part 4 turned a lot of heads including Jorja Smith reposting on her Insta story – Sox’s Showerdown Part 4 jheez!

First part, hailing up Sox to be one of the UK’s most original and creative spitters that just makes you crack up when he sprays his bars, his concepts and his format has no structure so what’s going to come out his mouth next you’ll never know but he’s guaranteed to make you laugh and you’ll always understand what he’s saying because he has a way of making light of any bad situation which works in his favour because no one can do it like he does.

A lot of people hate to admit it but Sox is a 1000% in the top 10 of spitters & freestyles – his material is up there, he inspires the UK grime scene with each new freestyle, makes light of current pop culture, throws a few jabs in these punch lines and then finishes up with an uppercut to someone. He has a way of doing this all the way, he’s just sick. This may come across as bias but I am, so deal with it! But if you want me to criticise him, this year I would like to see some more visuals from Sox, full videos and songs, ie can we get another Birmingham 2 Ibiza type ish cah that is banging. Maybe don’t need Jammer this time, maybe need to give Preditah a shout.