Outlook is a sick sun-filed experience, one you definitely shouldn’t deprive yourself of. What better way to end your summer than watching all your favourite artists in one place with pure energy and vibes. This was my first time at Outlook and it is safe to say it won’t be my last, imagine waking up on holiday alongside a 5-day rave with some of the most incredible sound systems in the world.

Being one of the main festivals I had always been told that I need to attend, I had to take my opportunity to go.

Here are my top 5 tips if you are planning to go next year:

  1. Save as much money as you can. Flights, tickets, drinks, food, travel and other party essentials are all going to set you back. You have to buy separate tickets for some of the events, including the amazing open ceremony and all the boat parties (which you simply can’t miss!).
  2. There are always people selling cheap tickets closer to the time of the event but be careful not to leave it too late as they have strict policies regarding the changing of names on tickets! I would advise you to take as much money with you as possible because things at the festival are not cheap!
  3. If you need smokeables and other supplies, make sure you know someone there who has been before and has a good hook up – there are undercover police roaming the festival and entrapment in Croatia is legal so they can and will trick people into possession of illicit substances, which you will then have to pay extortionate fines to be released – you have been warned!!
  4. Be prepared to decant (transfer liquids) any alcohol you have brought that is in glass bottles, strict searches are in operation at the entrance and no glass containers are allowed into the festival site!
  5. Wear a mask! You will see a fair amount of people at the festival wearing dust masks and bandannas over their face, they are probably not going to rob you, they are just simply prepared for the infamous ‘Outlook dust’ that inevitably ends up in peoples noses and lungs and are subsequently coughed up for weeks after returning home!
  6. Stick with your mates! Outlook is a large and hectic festival and it could become easy to be separated from your crew. Keep the gang together!