7:30AM driving to Dam Square, parking some bait spot, SmokeLoud runs into Prix D’Ami and get 3 strains, man could not even remember what they were called we just needed something to smoke.

Head back to the apartment, fully smoked out, get met by this lovely woman Valerie who’s son had a wicked apartment, it was like a lads pad had beers, spirits, nice and spacious just what you need for 5 days in Dam.

Whatsapp Image 2019 12 02 At 13.53.40Main Objectives

  • Connect with coffee shops for the tour
  • Find a good place to eat
  • Find a coffee shop to chill in
  • Find some strong strains to blow my head off

What Happened…

Shout out to everyone that come on the smoking tour.

First stop, we hit up Prix D’Ami nice booth chilled spot, two waffles and a hot chocolate. Smoke rolled a baseball bat, nothing out of the ordinary, after 3 zoots my eyelids started to fall down but I’m not sleeping it’s just this thing that my eyelids do, 2 more Strawberry Looza’s later and we’re ready to head to another coffee shop.

Next destination, 1e Hulp. Before you go to this place there’s one thing you need to know about this spot – the cat rules the coffee shop, I saw the cat looking in mans weed bags, sniffing in mans pockets, acting like Debo on some shit. But the cat knew that I weren’t about that so it kept it moving when it came to me. 1e Hulp had some banging hash, some Banana OG and their Gorilla Zkittlez was fire. They had a nice selection, good choices on the menu, other than the cat walking all over your shit that shops banging!

Now on to Baba’s Cafe, a little bit further out of Dam Square you’ll find a very dope cosy welcoming environment, ie Baba’s Cafe. One of the best strains I’ve smoked in Amsterdam is Devil’s Glue what was not on the menu this time but thank fuck I got it last time. SmokeLoud will confirm that that was bang bang. This time round, I ate a hashcake that took 12 hours of my life away, by far one of the strongest cakes I’ve ever had. Baba’s hashcakes are not to be taken lightly. Kosher Kush & Gelato #33 was off the hook, deffo some of the best Gelato I’ve had in a while.

Strain Rant

In no particular order:

White OG is a fucking strong strain, smells like hash, tastes like hash, blows your neck off, I was very happy smoking this. Never seen or heard of this before, did not taste like anything I could remember, was just very strong felt like my eyes were bleeding in a good way.

In the rave in Dam, and see a bredrin from Notts who I know man pulls out some Blue Lime Pie and this shit looks out of this world. Some 10/10 light green frosty, smells like every cake that Mr Kiplin ever made in one, my bredrin told me what shop to go to and first thing next day man are there waiting the queue was out the door and then I finally got to see the Blue Lime Pie and it smelt amazing but looked fucking dead! All the buds were brown, not green, not frosty, like that dead brown look, like its been in storage or been shaken, I hate to think that people would strip the grade before selling it to the public but I had to decline. This Blue Lime Pie smelt amazing and looked dead so instead I got WM2 that was very citrusy reminding me of like a sour tangie and some Wi-Fi OG what was like a slow creeper before you know it its got ya.

Red Light District

Like the rocky horror district, I don’t know what was going on, but I 1 million percent was not involved in them district there. It’s just not the same, who or what some people are I don’t know I don’t want to know all I want is good weed, strong edibles and strawberry loozas. Drop me out. The street corners are still the same, you could practically get anything that you can find on the darkweb on a corner in Amsterdam from chimps, tropical fish, xanex and more. Also have your passport ready as I was stopped a few times by police, they thought I was local dodgy geezer, this is what happens when I don’t wear my bally.

What Not To Do In Dam

  • Rule number 1 – there are no rules in Amsterdam
  • Rule number 2 – forget rule number 1, there are rules to this shit
  • Now the real rule number 1 – do not eat any of them cardboard sandwiches, pizzas or cream cakes that are in the windows. They open at 10am, till they shut at 10pm they have cardboard pizzas on display all day, cream cakes what look so tasty but look like they got more air than Jordan. There’s plenty of shops that make fresh waffles, pancakes, that are 10/10 and not been sitting out all day chilling taking in all the air of Dam Square.
  • Rule number 2 – Amsterdam has a lot to offer on the drugs side of things from Class A’s right the way down to Class D’s, all I recommend what’s good for one person isn’t always good for the other. You don’t have to take everything Dam has to offer, know your own boundaries, limits, and know when to say no.
  • Rule number 3 – take the appropriate clothing, big jacket, thin layers, double up, appropriate walking shoes and gloves.
  • Rule 4 – double, triple check your accommodations, whether it’s Hotels, Hostels, AirBnB – make sure it’s a smoking one.
  • Rule 5 – make sure you have a good time, smoke as much as you can, see as much as you can see and just take it all in.