Great things that have come out of Nottingham: Lace curtains, Paul Smith, Blue Cheese Clothing and Raleigh which brings us to one of the dopest people to come out of Mansfield Mr @Everything_Dan.

I first got an inbox about a year ago requesting t-shirt sponsorship’s for an up and coming vintage bike show which sadly, once again, I never saw the message in time so never managed to send any stock. But I noticed on Dan’s page he had some sick vintage bikes which I thought he was just selling but after a closer look I realised he specialises in restoring vintage Raleigh bikes and vintage motorcycles.

The time and effort it must take to fully strip down some of these old bikes, with some mould & rust as old as your mum, if not older, makes me appreciates the work Dan puts in to each bike. It’s like taking a step back in time to my childhood, I didn’t have a Chopper or Grifter but I did have a Raleigh Wildcat, the one that makes the noises with all the plastic, I’m sure I’ve even seen Dan restore one of them old Wildcats.

This post is to raise awareness for dope creative local businesses and people that I’ve come across, so if you have any old things you want restoring do not hesitate to contact Dan via email – – or on Instagram – @everything_dan.

Check out his custom one-off MK3 RSW bike made into a huge girlie chopper: